Weight Gainers

Weight gainers and weight gain supplements are different to most other supplements as they are intended to help you put weight on rather than lose it. Traditionally, weight gainers would consist of large amounts of sugar and fat but nutritional science now dictates that they should be far healthier. Most weight gain supplements now consist of a healthy blend of protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat, but always check the label so you know what you are getting as some companies still supply the unhealthy sugar and fat formula.

Weight gainers deliver a large amount of calories in the form of a 600 – 900 calorie meal replacement drink and usually come in powder form to be added to water or milk. But before you decide to take weight gain supplements, it’s important to understand if you actually need them or not.

The best way to determine whether weight gainers are for you is to determine how many calories you nutrients you need to intake and whether you can realistically achieve this amount within your daily routine. It is always better to meet your calorie goals with a balanced healthy diet, but unfortunately most people busy lifestyles don’t allow the time to make this possible, which makes weight gain supplements a great solution.

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