Muscle NH2

Our mission at Muscle NH2 is to deliver high quality sports nutrition products with prices that are affordable and competitive. Working alongside some of the biggest names in raw material manufacturers in Europe we have established some very competitive prices, enabling us to pass huge savings directly to the end customer.
We are totally committed to quality, and we insist on the highest standards of manufacture. We insist on only premium raw ingredients which have been tested and analysed to ensure optimum product, and our supplements are then manufactured under ISO 9001 & 22000 food safety management standards.
This commitment to tightly controlled production means that we can make sure that customers are our number one priority and ensure that they get excellent supplements at sensible prices.
We aim to deliver innovative and inspirational products that will help our customers reach the deresults they desire. Whether your someone just starting out at the gym or a professional athlete, we at muscle nh2 believe that you should both require the quality of great tasting sports nutrition drinks that we can deliver ! We are continually working on new and exciting products. We are currently undertaking extensive research to develop new formulas for products such as, pre-workout, Creatine blends, & protein flapjacks etc.

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